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Find Out If You Need A Panel Upgrade Today

Wondering if your home needs an electrical panel upgrade? Well, you are not alone. Most homeowners aren't really sure what a panel upgrade is, much less if their home needs one.

Our Albuquerque electrical service company will make the whole process understandable by guiding you through the basics of panel upgrades. We'll be glad to answer any questions regarding your home's electrical panel and why upgrades are important.

panel upgrades in albuquerque

Why You Want Us To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is responsible for routing all the wiring that leads to the home from the main service line. It contains circuit breakers that cut off power to a circuit in the event of an overload. If the breakers weren't there, an unlimited supply of current would flow through.

The electrical panel is your safety net between your house and an over-flow of electrical power from the power plant. If the breakers and circuits cannot handle the modern load of the household, the situation is not good.

Most Common Signs That You Need A Panel Upgrade:

  • Tripping breakers when using the vacuum cleaner
  • Can use window a/c units without losing household power
  • Can't use toasters, coffee pots, blow dryers, dishwashers together
  • You plan to install new appliances in the house
  • Using extension cords or power strips excessively
  • You are remodeling
  • Lights dim or flicker
  • You feel a tingling when touching an appliance
  • Any other reason breakers frequently trip

We can't convey enough how important it is to ensure your home is properly equipped with a reliable service panel and the right electrical capacity.

There have been so many electrical fires with most attributed to electrical circuit overloads, a common occurrence when a property is not adequately equipped with an upgraded electrical panel.

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