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Repair & Installation Of GFCI Outlets For Safety

Energized Electric installs and replaces GFCI electrical outlets for safety. These special outlets need to be installed in specific areas of your Albuquerque home such as kitchens, baths, utility rooms, garages and outdoors.

Our trained electricians have years of experience with all types of electrical repairs and installations, including GFCI outlets. We look forward to welcoming you as a client and becoming your preferred electrical repair technician.

  • GFCI outlet repairs
  • GFCI outlet upgrades
  • GFCI outlet replacements
  • Expert workmanship
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
gfci electrical outlet repair in albuquerque

Do This Before Calling For GFCI Outlet Repairs

If you have a plug or a device that does not work when you plug it into a GFCI outlet, the circuit may be already tripped. Before you call an electrician for repairs, check a few things first.

1. Ensure that the situation that caused the tripping is resolved by making sure the item you intend to plug in and the area around it, is dry.

2. Push the reset button on the GFCI outlet. The outlets have a test and a reset button.

3. If this does not resolve the issue or it did and the problem keeps on happening, our GFCI outlet repair experts can fix the problem.

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