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Get Reliable Service From Our Electrical Troubleshooting Experts

Whether your home is new or not, electrical issues are bound to occur every now and then. If you ignore electrical problems and do not seek help to get them repaired by a qualified Albuquerque electrician, this could further damage your home and become a big safety issue.

Call Energized Electric any time you need electrical repairs in our local service areas. Our technicians handle all types of electrical repairs including troubleshooting existing systems and appliances, ceiling fan repairs, outlet repairs, lighting repairs and much more.

  • Fast & efficient troubleshooting
  • Advanced testing equipment
  • We fix it right guaranteed
  • Ethical workmanship & service
electrical troubleshooting

DIY vs. Hiring Our Electricians For Troubleshooting

There are logical reasons why electrical troubleshooting and repairs should be handled only by licensed professionals.

First, professional electricians have been educated and trained to do their job. They are knowledgeable about the electricity as well as all other related concepts, which could affect electrical wires and connections. Second, DIY electrical repairs can cause house fires and death by electric shock.

Just like in all other professions, an electrician's license is their pass for practicing the trade. If there are serious or careless mistakes, they may get their license taken away.

And finally, our licensed electricians are experts at troubleshooting an electrical problem, so the repair work will solve the problem. Make sure the job is done right the first time by calling our experts to do the work. Don't put your house and family at risk with DIY repairs.

  • We ensure safe, reliable electrical systems
  • We find the cause of the problem & fix it right
  • Licensed, insured, & bonded service

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