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Call Us For Lighting Repairs Any Time

Do you have trouble with flickering lights? Are they not turning on at all? Flickering lights and other lighting issues can be more than just annoying, they are a sign of problems. It is important to address your lighting issues and get repairs as soon as possible to ensure your safety.

You'll want to call us for lighting repairs because we are top-notch residential electricians in the Albuquerque area. Electrical safety and customer satisfaction are two of our top priorities. And, you can rely on our electricians to always show up on time and respect you and your property during any electrical service call.

  • Reliable service
  • To quality lighting repairs
  • Expert troubleshooting
  • Reasonable estimates
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
albuquerque lighting repairs

We Repair All Types Of Lighting

You'll never get stuck with finding some other electrician to do your electrical work. We repair all types of lighting including fluorescent, LED, halogen, and incandescent.

  • Interior lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Ceiling fan lighting
  • Garage door lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • or LED lighting

Count On Us For Your Other Lighting Services Too

Our lighting repair electricians can assist you with any lighting repair, lighting installation, LED Retrofits, or any lighting upgrade. Our lighting experts can also advise you on the various options that may be implemented in your home and how to make the whole lighting scheme energy efficient.

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If you need an electrician in the Albuquerque area for Lighting Repairs, please call 505-246-6922 or complete our

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