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Beautify Your Albuquerque Area Home With Landscape Lighting

If you really want to make a statement and light up your yard at night, let our Albuquerque electricians design and install a beautiful landscape lighting scheme.

We are professional and licensed Albuquerque electricians providing a variety of outdoor lighting solutions to homeowners throughout our service areas. You will be surprised at how amazing your home will look simply by installing a few landscape lights around your yard.

albuquerque landscape lighting

With our skill and experience you have all the choices you could ever want:

  • Porch lights
  • Garage security lights
  • Pole lighting
  • Uplights & Downlights
  • Spotlights
  • LED colored lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Architectural lighting

Highlight The Best Exterior Features Of Your Home

  • Install downlights at the edge of your roof to cast a beautiful glow on your home's facade & highlight the architectural features.
  • Install uplights to draw attention to your favorite statue or fountain.
  • Highlight tree groupings or garden areas with landscape lights.
  • Draw attention to your home's front door entrance area with porch lights.
  • Make walkways safe with low-lighting.
  • Illuminate large areas with pole lighting.

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If you are looking for an Electrician in the Albuquerque area for Landscape Lighting Installation, please call 505-246-6922 or complete our

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