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Need Residential Electrical Services For Your Albuquerque Home?

From replacing the outdated wiring in your home to installing new electrical wiring for new construction and remodeling projects, our skilled Albuquerque electrical service company is reliable, professional, and qualified. We always follow electrical safety code standards for your quality assurance and peace of mind.

residential electrical services

Electrical Safety Inspections

electrical safety inspection

Residential electrical inspections will always be important for home safety. They are not just for buying, building, or selling a new house in New Mexico but should also be done about every 7-10 years in the home you live in. Get informed about the condition of your electrical panel, wiring, and other components so you know what needs to be repaired or upgraded for safety.

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Panel Upgrades

panel upgrades in albuquerque

Does your Albuquerque home need an electrical service panel upgrade? Are you sure? Electrical panels need to be upgraded about every ten years or so. If you aren't even sure about the purpose of a panel upgrade, it's definitely time to look into the matter. Our electricians can help. We can inspect your panel today to determine if it is safely meeting the electrical needs of your modern household.

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Surge Protection

albuquerque surge protection

Lightning strikes and power surges cost homeowners in Albuquerque thousands of dollars each year in fried electrical equipment and wiring. If that's not reason enough to invest in an automatic surge protection system, we don't know what is. Just imagine losing your refrigerator, stove, computer, brand new flat screen TV, and other expensive electronics during the next power surge.

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Electrical Wiring

electrical wiring in albuquerque

One of our specialties, at Energized Electric, is installing, repairing and replacing electrical wiring.

We can replace outdated aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring or help you install a new electrical system for remodeling. You can count on our reliable and professional electricians who always follow electrical safety codes standards. Let us take care of your wiring service today.

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Electrical Repairs

albuquerque electrical repairs

No matter what is causing your need for electrical repairs, our troubleshooting experts will take care of the problem quickly and correctly.

We have years of experience under our belts and provide top quality electrical repairs to homeowners in the area. We can take care of all of your ceiling fan repairs, lighting repairs, outlet repairs, GFCI outlet upgrades and more.

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Low Voltage Services

low voltage electrical services

Low voltage lighting and networking data cables are no problem for our electricians who stay on top of new technologies for homes.

Smart home systems are hot items for the home today, so let us help you install your preferred systems. We provide different low voltage services including; surveillance cameras, access control, lighting, and data cables. We really are your one-stop service for all your electrical needs.

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Lighting Installation - Interior and Exterior

lighting installation in albuquerque

A quick way to improve your home's curb appeal or light up the interior with stylish new fixtures is to call our lighting specialists at Energized Electric! Our electricians are your source for pool lighting, landscape lighting, security lighting, home automated lighting, low voltage lighting, and more. You'll always get top-quality workmanship and the expert advice you need.

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