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Save Energy With Modern Commercial Lighting Installation

From LED's, halogen, and fluorescent lighting to recessed, security, signage, and pole lighting, our expert electricians can install, repair, or maintain all of your commercial lighting equipment both inside and out.

Our commercial lighting electricians are highly trained and ready to help you maximize the benefits of your lighted signs and other lighting systems. We provide quality service and support at all times.

For new installations, we will work closely to help you select the right light fixtures and the best layout plan for your business. However, we provide a full range of commercial electrical lighting services including:

  • Lighting repair
  • LED retrofits
  • Sign lighting
  • Canopy lighting
  • Indoor lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • and more
commercial lighting in albuquerque

Don't Just Use LED Bulbs - Save Energy With A Lighting Retrofit

Energy efficiency is on every business owner's mind today, but you don't get much by just using an LED bulb in an old fixture. Let us help you find the best lighting solutions to help really save on the building's energy bill. We can also help you with solar.

We can help you maximize energy savings and improve light quality while helping to maintain maximum efficiency on a long-term basis. We will be there to be sure your lighting systems are always working properly and working at maximum energy efficiency.

  • Replaces outdated energy-hogging light fixtures
  • More energy efficient building
  • Long-lasting bulbs

Back Up Main Lights With Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting can be installed just about anywhere in and outside a commercial building. The main purpose of recessed lighting is to act as a backup source for the brighter lights of the building. They are great for entryways, on stairs, patios, ceilings, and shelves.

Let us install LED recessed lighting for you. You will enjoy the energy efficiency of the fixture as well as the long-life of the bulbs.

  • Increase illumination in certain areas
  • Make steps and entryways safer
  • Enhance the beauty of the building

commercial lighting installation

Fix Those Blinking Lights Before Disaster Strikes

Don't let your lights cause a building fire. They very well could be shorting out somewhere behind the scenes. While this may be rare, you don't want to take a chance. Just give us a call to request lighting repair service now.

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