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Schedule Your Electrical Inspection Today

It is important to have your entire electrical system inspected by a Albuquerque electricians to keep your home safe. Unfortunately, this is one of the most overlooked systems in a home. Faulty wiring or an overloaded electrical system is a major cause of house fires.

Energized Electric is your local safety contractor who can keep your home electrically sound.

When & Why You Should Have Inspections

If you are buying or selling a new home, an electrical inspection is a must. Inspections are also vital for older homes to ensure that the wiring and electrical panel are up to date.

In fact, it is recommended to have a home electrical inspection about every 7-10 years because our modern demand for electricity changes and the safety code standards change in order to keep the household safe.

electrical safety inspection

What our electrical inspection includes:

  • Determine electrical load of household & ensure system can handle it
  • Check for any exposed or unprotected wires within the home or building
  • Outlets with an open or missing ground
  • GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) not placed in the correct areas
  • GFCI outlets testing
  • Check open junction boxed for exposed wire splices
  • Check for any unsupported electric wires in the crawl spaces and attics
  • Check the amperage of the home
  • Condition of electrical service entrance cables of the house or building
  • Test electric lighting fixtures inside and outside of the home or building
  • Inspect & test electrical service panel along with all sub-panels
  • Test the home or building's smoke detectors
  • Condition of grounding of the electrical service
  • The location of the primary service disconnect switch for your electric equipment

You need to call us for an electrical inspection if:

  • It's been more than 7 years since the last electrical inspection
  • You can't use the microwave together with other appliances
  • The lights flicker
  • Breakers continue to trip
  • You smell burning rubber or other burning odors
  • You see sparks when plugging something into outlets
  • The blow dryer trips the GFCI circuit all the time
  • You see loose wires
  • Any time you suspect a problem

Don't wait until the lights start flickering or outlets stop working. Contact Energized Electric today to schedule an electrical safety inspection for your home.

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