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Need Us To Beef Up Your Commercial Security With Access Control?

Access Control systems give you complete control over who enters your building. By limiting access through doors, drives, and other areas, the security of the building is increased. If you are looking for a commercial electrical service company who knows all about access control, call Energized Electric.

We install many different types of access control systems including card readers, number key-pads, and intercom access panels. Technology can be installed to limit entry to medication cabinets, labs, storage closets, schools, offices, and more. We would be glad to help you choose the right system.

  • Multiple Panel Systems
  • Automated Gate Key Pads
  • Digital Door Key Pads
  • Phone Entry Systems
  • Sensors
  • Photo Eyes
  • Card Readers
  • Key Fob Readers
  • Number Pads
  • Intercoms
  • and more
albuquerque access control system

Let Us Install Card Reader Access System For Control & Entry Tracking

Track who goes in and out of a door or driveway with a card reader access control system. We install quality equipment that you can rely on. This allows you to choose who goes where and easily track the activity. You can even create custom company badges with the right equipment. Access control systems are perfect on:

  • Hotel Room Doors
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Main Entry Doors
  • Laboratory Doors
  • Driveway Gates & Barriers
  • Medical Records Rooms
  • Employee Only Areas
  • Church Office Counting Room Doors

We Install Multi-Tenant Access Control Systems

Our electricians install many different types of access control systems including those for multi-tenant buildings. The software makes changing the credentials very easy at any time. Many ask us to install the multi-tenant access control systems to secure pool areas, clubhouses, and central buildings.

  • Centralized access system to control all areas
  • Can grant access to only one location at a time
  • Customizable to specific hours as you wish

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